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Weight Management

Manage your weight and look great! Healthy nutrition should be an everyday habit and Herbalife Weight Management products offer you all the help you need.

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By using 80% Nutrition and 20% Healthy Active Lifestyle Concept, I’ve lost over 21 kg. I am a Mother of 6 and Grandma of 2.

– Jenny, 48 , Housewife

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“At the age of 61, I decided to look fitter, stronger and younger. By taking good nutrition breakfast and doing simple exercise. I’ve lost 5kg and feel energetic.”

– Samuel, 61, Business Owner

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“I am simply a housewife and mother of a teenager. And I’m here to share my secret of aging gracefully. Earlier I was fat like a butterball. Whenever I went shopping I looked for clothes that disguised my fatness.

After so many failed efforts of slimming down. I came to know about healthy active lifestyle through nutrition, mindset and workout. This program is a community where my whole personality is shaping up and I still get motivated by like-minded people like us.

Now I’ve become more confident and beautiful than I’ve ever felt before. If I, a simple housewife can, what’s stopping you?”

– Mukti, 42, Housewife

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“I’m glad that I have met my coach who have introduced me to this program. It really helps me to lose weight and improves my health at the same time.

I hope I can help more to be like me, to be healthier and happier.”

– Ivan, 31, Operator Executive