Active Lifestyler herbalife-weight-loss-challenge-singapore Herbalife Weight Loss Challenge

Are you struggling with your weight? Spent a fortune trying different ways but still lost, confused and no results?

Take the 10 Days Herbalife Healthy Weight Loss Challenge with Active Lifestyler today!

For 10 days, you will learn and apply how to eat healthier, exercise smarter and get support from Coaches. After which, you will use what you have learnt to maintain or improve your results.

Get a chance to win top 3 cash prizes of over USD500.

How to participate?

Purchase at least 1 Herbalife F1 Shake or Healthy Weight Loss Bundle to qualify to join ourĀ 10 Day Herbalife Healthy Challenge.

This program entitles you:

  • Online or Live exercises
  • Healthy Meal Planner
  • Online support group
  • Chance to win cash prizes
  • Free Gift