Herbal Aloe Concentrated Aloe Vera – Original


Herbal Aloe Concentrated Aloe Vera is a beverage that contains essential nutrients found in the aloe vera plant.


Herbal Aloe Concentrated Aloe Vera helps soothe your digestive system and alleviates discomfort from indigestion.
Key Benefits
  • Contain almost zero calories – a healthier option to carbonated and sweetened beverages
  • Free of bitter-tasting aloin
  • Relieve occasional discomfort from indigestion
  • Aloe vera helps support the absorption of micronutrients
Mix 3 capsuls (15ml) with 120ml water and drink 1 – 2 times per day. Alternatively, you may prepare a 1-litre ready-to-use drink by mixing 120ml of concentrate in 1 litre of water.
Fast Facts

There are approximately 200 hundred different Aloe plants and Aloe vera is considered the most potent.


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