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Welcome to! is an online health supplements store and a registered independent member distributor of Herbalife in Singapore. We provide wellness tips, information, advice, products and latest news!

We provide high quality, nutritional products backed by personalized support programs and advice.

Why Choose Us?

We are highly motivated and committed to your needs, helping visitors, readers and customers to receive the highest quality information, support, service and products.

Customers who join the Herbalife membership sponsored by Active Lifestyler will enjoy the same Herbalife wholesale prices, extra privileges and features not available to others.

You are welcome to meet any of our consultants at the Singapore Herbalife distributor center (by appointment only). Expect genuine and fresh products with expiry date well into the future as all products delivered to our customers are direct from the warehouse.

All products ordered includes delivery at your doorstep anywhere within Singapore.

We have a team of trained weight-management advisors available for 1-on-1 consultations, free with any program purchase. We take pride in serving the best nutritional products in the most convenience way to our customers.

For appointment with one of our program advisor or to ask a question, send SMS/WhatsApp or call our central mobile line at (+65) 93838656 anytime. Our program advisor on duty will response to you as long as he/she is awake!

Alternatively, send us an email via this contact form and receive priority reply. Our professional program consultants are located near every major town central and ready to meet up in-person for a private consultation.